Ole Miss Engineer

Calling this one done for now. I’m just about out of time, and I’m reasonably happy with how it’s turned out. So here ya go! After seeing a print proof, I went in and brightened the pic up as a whole. I still think this would have been cooler with a little more edge — i.e., the mohawk/tattoos — but it turned out pretty okey doke. I couldn’t render it out at much as I’d have liked with the time available, but the style still fits with last year’s cover. The more I look at it, the more I wish I’d done a more dynamic composition, but hey, hindsight’s 20/20. I’ll get it next time. Funny enough, the next cover’s going to be a straight on kinda shot as well. Really looking forward to it. It’s gonna be a Rockwell homage, and Rockwell’s one of my idols.

Edit 9/27 – Brightened it up a bit after seeing a print proof.

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