Progress abounds, and The Dude abides.

Well, it’s been a few days. I just got back from a little mini-vacation to one of my favorite places on Earth – Hardy, Arkansas. Before you scoff, the place is awesome šŸ™‚ Spring River is a super-fun stretch to canoe/float/drink to excess. We actually met up with some old friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and my best friend brought his Mastercraft so we could do some skiing on one of the lakes. Didn’t do much of shit aside from party with some fun peeps, and spend most of Saturday in a hangover coma, but lord I needed that. 3 days sans computers and phone was just what the doctor ordered.

Anyhow, it’s my bedtime so I gotta wrap this one short tonight. Here’s an update on that magazine cover I’m currently working on (I even have another in the pipe! Cripes, I’m gonna be busy!). Progress is being made. I’m pretty happy with how the guy is turning out so far, even if I still have a buttload of work to do on the foreground. Hoping to get this one done by the end of the week, because what started out as a two-week newsletter job has turned into a month of back-n-forth. As soon as I get approval, I’ll post up some of the layout pages as well.


Dude is winding up a mix of me, Mohawk Guy, and Dev Patel’s character from The Newsroom.

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