So I’m having to relearn patience…

…and it frakking sucks.


I started my new job (yay!) last Wednesday, and between it and my outstanding freelance work I have had no time to draw in the last week (boo!).

None. Nada. Zilch. Zip. A big fat goose egg.

Well, okay, maybe a few minutes that I snuck at work, but I’m having to learn how to be patient on a drawing again. I have so much further to take this piece, but it’s seriously looking like it’ll be another couple of weeks before I can finish it and move on to something else. I’ve been so used to working a drawing to finish as quickly as possible that it’s like I’m quitting cigarettes, or drinking. I look at this thing and get the shakes. Especially since I’m digging the way it’s turning out so far. I really do enjoy this sort of comic/painterly mix, and if I can pull it off like I hope, I may have finally found an artistic “voice” of which I’m proud.

Not that I don’t like my other stuff (sucks!), but I’m my own worst critic, as I’ve stated in the past (self-evisceration!). After doing some soul-searching lately, I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that, although I enjoy it, I’ve been doing a lot of painting the way I think other people want to see me paint (self-delusion!), especially on portraits. Does that make any sense? Even on personal stuff, I’ve been trying to hit a certain look that I’ve picked up from another artist, or some other source, that in my mind I think is sooooo much better than what I normally do. It usually winds up wildly failing, but again, I’m not feeling it properly.

This Wheel of Time piece, so far, is the first pic I’ve done in a long, long time that’s felt natural. I’m thinking maybe I should stick with this for a while. I have to do a magazine cover illustration for one of my freelance projects in the next few weeks, so maybe that will be a good experiment to see if this style and method will work with a different sort of illustration.

Here’s the current work-in-progress. Still have a couple of figures to block in, then it’s on to a shitload of detail work, blending and hatching.

P.S. Unrelated note, both Cabin in the Woods and Avengers come out on Blu-ray in the next few weeks! Squeeeee!!!

Progress as of 9/4/12.

4 thoughts on “So I’m having to relearn patience…

  1. We are so influenced by all the things around us, and it’s so easy to underestimate yourself in favour of others. I think what you’re doing is good, going back to what its true to you. That always wins in the end.

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