Wheel of Time (progress)

Okay, so I’m tired, I’m out of beer, and I’m sunburnt as all get-out, but I’m still drawing!!! Here’s a work-in-progress of my Wheel of Time pic.

This one’s been strange. I really like how it’s coming out so far, but it’s really, really comic-bookish. I’m not sure if I want to keep it that way, as rough as the lineart is, but it’s got a neat look to it. I may finish it out all Isanove-style, kinda like that last portrait of my son. That style turned out super green, and it might lend itself to this collage of characters.

I’m hoping that I can maybe get this finished before I start the new job on Wednesday, but who knows. I’ve still got a couple of projects out there for the university, and our production schedule for the Australian magazine is looming. Hopefully I’ll actually have some design work to post soon!

This might wind up being my weekend project for a while. I’m painting it pretty dang large (4200px by 7800px), so I’ve still got a metric ton of rendering to get through either way. I’m pretty much still in the color blocking phase.

Wall of text ends here. Enjoy!

Update as of midnight, 8/27/12
Still gotta get that ref list put together…

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