I know, I know…

I haven’t been posting much lately, but I had to get a little serious about a job search. Not in any danger of bankruptcy or anything, but the funds are dwindling. Plus, I’m the type that will go monkeyshit crazy if I have to sit around the house for too terribly long. I had an interview on Tuesday with my old job (new bosses) at PMQ, a 10-issue-a-year pizza industry trade magazine.

Thankfully the folks at the University of MS were kind enough to throw about five projects my way on Friday, and I got an offer from PMQ about 30 minutes later. So, it looks like I’m once again gainfully employed. The money’s not anywhere close to what I wanted, but work is work. Much better than making my wife be the sole breadwinner of the house. Maybe I can pick up some portrait work and freelance design jobs on the side. I’ve been thinking of trying out Facebook and Google Ads, just to see if I can get any bites.

PMQ is also wanting me to learn Adobe Muse, so hey, that might be a cool expansion of my skillset, seeing as how my web design skills are pretty nil.

Wish me luck on the new (old) job, and I hope everyone out there in Internetland is doing well!

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