Wheel of Time redraw

Here’s the final base drawing for my Wheel of Time “Good Guy” poster redraw. At left is the original from late 2002, and right is my 2012 redraw. This is one gonna take a while, I think, so hopefully I’ll have it finished by the time the last book comes out šŸ˜›

Characters on the redraw are (from top down) Moiraine, Rand, Birgitte, Loial, Thom, Nynaeve, Min, Aviendha, Elayne, Egwene, Lan, Perrin, Mat.

I tried to simplify the hell out of the weapon designs, and add in some little details like Loial holding a cutting of Avendesora. Aviendha will be opening a portal to Rhuidean and I’m probably going to have Caemlyn or one of the other major cities at the bottom behind Perrin and Mat.

I’ve used a buuuunch of photo refs for this one, and I need to put together a comprehensive credit list. I’ll do that as it gets closer to completion.


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