I’m getting close to the end on this one, but I’m honestly at an impasse. Is this working??? The colors are so much more earthy and muted than I’m used to, but I want to knock this one out of the park for the client. The likenesses are pretty on, but I cannot for the life of me tell if the overall color scheme is working, or if I need to go more yellow, blue, or what??? I’ve still got some texturing to do on the skin, but I can’t upload to Facebook for feedback, as the client’s wife might see it and spoil the surprise. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Hit me where it hurts.



3 thoughts on “HELP!!!!

  1. I think this portrait has great potential, but I think that the colours are a bit off. I think you need more warmth in them, as by now they look a bit…well, dead. If you blend in a little warmth in the shadows, and perhaps worked a little more on the teeth (they are a little too white in my opinion) it could be very nice. 😀

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