I’M NOT DEAD! (Oh, and a new WIP)

Well, the move is done. Got in this past Wednesday, and still unpacking boxes, but I am back in the South. And let me just say…fuck this heat. Thank Jeebus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster that my rental place has a pool. It’s REALLY good to be home, though. Montana is great, and there are a lot of wonderful things about it, but it was just never home.

Short post tonight. There’s been a neverending stream of people through here in the last few days, so I haven’t had much time to get any work done, but here is a final sketch for a portrait commission I’m working on. This one’s gonna be fun. I have about a week to complete before the client’s anniversary, and I have no idea if the printer is going to work out like I hope. It’s great though, because this is the first one in a while that I’ve gotten to take my own reference photography. Usually I just find a nice pic that I’ve taken accidentally and roll from there.

Got some more stuff on the way as well, including some design work and another one of those “Draw it Again” exercises. I’m repainting a vertical Wheel of Time piece that I did back in ’03. It’s got like 19 characters on it, so it’s gonna be a fun one 🙂



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