Draw it again (final)!

Final on that “Draw it again” exercise. Original was done in 2003, new one on right in 2012. This thing was crazy once I got rolling on it. I was dealing with THREE!!! light sources in a small area, so it was definitely a challenge. Dunno if I pulled it off, but whatever. I had no story on the original, so I tried to put one into the new pic. It’s a magic fire sword guy defending a Worldgate from a deadly mist creature!!! Dun-dun-duuuuhhh!!!

Totally ripping off Wheel of Time for the backstory on this thing. I’ve been re-reading the series, and a lot of the elements, like Rand’s saidin fire blades, Machin Shin, and Waygates were just slapping me in the face as I repainted this.

Our move is next week, so I may be off the blog for a couple of weeks. Hope you folks have a great time while I’m gone. See you on the flipside!


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