Draw it again (progression)!

Real quick for ya…the progression thus far on that redraw of the 9-year-old picture.

I’m rereading the Wheel of Time series right now, so I thought it’d be cooler for the character to have some fire swords, a la Rand al’Thor’s saidin blades 🙂

Lighting on this one has been a PAIN to figure out so far. With the swords I’ve got three different light sources, and it’s hard not to make it just this accidental miasma of mushy color. Got a ways to go yet, but this will probably be the last piece I work on before my move back to Mississippi.

Got deadline on our next Aussie magazine next week, so maybe I’ll have some new designs to post up!

Hope you enjoy! -Eric

Draw it again meme. The character is named Dion, some thing I drew up at a press check nearly a decade ago. No story was ever thought up, so I’m trying to imply one on the redraw.

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