Juliet finished

Calling this one done. Juliet Burke (played by the ever-so-beautiful Elizabeth Mitchell) from LOST. One of the great tragic characters – like there weren’t enough of those – in the show. I always liked the dynamic between her and Jack, then later with Sawyer. Soap opera-ish as it was, there was something about her that really worked as a character.

Obviously this is a companion piece to my Ben Linus pic from earlier. Think I’m gonna do Locke and Jack next. Or maybe Locke and Charlie. Not sure.

Hope you enjoy!

Edit 7/20: Someone pointed out to me on DeviantArt that she was freaking GREEEEEEEN. Dammit. So, I adjusted her skin tones. Hopefully that fixed the problem.

juliet from lost
adjusted the skin tones on 7/20.

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