Hey HBO! Bring back Carnivale, dangit!

I miss this show so freaking much. Awesome acting and production design, killer story, lots of horrific and uplifting moments, not to mention one epic battle of good vs. evil… Carnivale had it all.


God, it’s been off-air for like 7 years now and I’m still pissed off about it being cancelled.

Anyway, this is a fanart piece I did back in ’06. I’d like to possibly do another one at some point, with a better composition. Figured I’d share this one because (with the exception of Clancy Brown) I’m rather happy with how the likenesses turned out. The composition and design are shit, but hey, whattaya goan do?

Reffed from production stills and some screencaps I took from Season 1.

Hope you enjoy!

God this show was so awesome.

2 thoughts on “Hey HBO! Bring back Carnivale, dangit!

  1. HUGE, HUGE fan and yeah, they should’ve at least given us an HBO movie to tie it up. I too, am totally pissed to this day! I bought seasons 1 and 2 and still watch it and get angry every time at the ignorant crap they continued to air and the brillance that was lost and misunderstood with this show. Kinda makes me angry at the stupidity of the population sometimes…just like Twin Peaks!!!!

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