Before & After (no, not the magazine)

I can’t show anything yet on my latest portrait, so here’s a little project I started today. I wanted to follow the “Draw it again” meme that’s been floating around DeviantArt for a while, so this is gonna be a redrawing of a character design I did back in the day. Been kinda fun reworking the char a little bit, but still keeping the same overall composition.

Just a sketch at this point. I may go in and do a complete drawing before I start laying in grays and colors. Not exactly sure. I don’t really have much lined up before my upcoming move, so I may just take my time and really try to nail this thing. I haven’t spent over 20 hours on a pic in a looooooooong time, so maybe it’s time to buckle my ass down and really work on something.

The original was done in 2003 with a mouse, Photoshop 7(ish) and Bryce 3D (shiiiiiitty). New one will be done entirely in Photoshop.



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