Wizards and (unfinished) Warriors

Hehehe, this was my attempt at a cheesy ’80s style fantasy picture. I quit at about 80% completion, because I felt that it just wasn’t working, but I kinda had a change of heart when I was resizing it for this post. I actually like a lot of the stuff I did in the foreground, mainly the rocks and the obelisks. Maybe it’s the dark crystal palace in the background that’s throwing the piece off.

I’m just not sure.

Anyhow, I may go back one day and revisit this. I still like the composition, and I think the colors could be unified rather easily. Used a bunch of different refs for this one, primarily paparazzi shots of nubile young starlets. I think that’s Emma Watson on the top there, and I believe Miley Cyrus was used for the rogue in front.

And yeah, that’s me as the wizard hahahah! Used my profile pic as the ref shot, if I remember correctly.

Hope you enjoy!


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