Close to finished…thoughts???

Howdy guys!

As the title says, I think I’m getting close to done with this one, but I’d appreciate any input. I’m really enjoying drawing in this style. I think it suits my sensibilities a bit more, seeing as I’m a massive comic dork, and the realism mixed with just a bit of a graphic novel feel just works for me. It made this one ridiculously easy and fun to paint, anyway.

So what do you guys think? I’m looking for kicks to the nuts, here. I’m sure I’m a bit too involved with it at the moment, so I need some honest outside criticism. Is the style working, or should I stick with the smoother, more “traditional” painterly style? Just looking for thoughts, so thanks in advance!

Dropped a warming filter to help unify the colors a bit more…

4 thoughts on “Close to finished…thoughts???

  1. Fantastic work, as always. You never fail to impress me. The only think I can think of is that you could try to “dim down” the highlights on his skin a little. Right now he looks a little bit plastic. But that is just a minor edit, this is just truly magnificent. What program do you use for this?

    1. Sounds good, I’ll play around with that a bit.

      Normally I use a mix of Photoshop and Painter (usually for blending). Sometimes I use Illustrator for more precise or graphic elements. This one was done entirely in Photoshop though.

      Thanks for the input!!!

      1. Heheh you and me both. I mainly use Painter for the superior blending tools. For some reason, the engine Painter uses always bogs down my machine, so I invariably wind up going back to Photoshop.

        Thanks for the compliments!

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