Here’s a portrait I did of a friend’s little boy early last year, before my move to Montana. He’s a cute kid, with some of the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. The original ref image I used was taken by Sweetwater Images of north Mississippi fame, and they were kind enough to give me permission to use the photo as ref.

When I first did this, I had a really harsh rimlight on the kid (which I have an unfortunate tendency to put on everything), and a thick black outline around him and the sky inset. The original idea I think was to give it more of a graphic feel, but as I was prepping the file to put on this site I had a change of heart. I dialed back the rimlight a lot, and dropped the black line, which was flattening out the piece something fierce. I’m actually a lot happier with it this way. I should probably tone down the saturation on his hair a bit, but oh well. It was a freebie.

Hope you enjoy!

Kid’s got some blue peepers, so it kinda made me think “sky, living free,” etc.

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