Don’t tell him what he can’t do.

Okay, so this is ollllllld. Like, 2006 old. But I’ve always had a soft spot for this portrait. I actually did a whole series of these, with Locke, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Eko and a couple of other characters from Lost (I was and still am mildly obsessed with the show). But this one remains my favorite, and the only one I pulled off properly. The colors are kinda jacked up, but I was working from a tiny tiny tiny stillframe and decided to get a little funky with it.

Although I kind of hate the way they just punked him out in the last two seasons, I still think John Locke was the most interesting, brave and overall awesome character in a show chock full of amazing characterization. Terry O’quinn needs more work like this. Can’t wait to see that new show of his…666 something or other.

I don’t really remember too many of the details on this one. I think it was painted in about 6-8 hours, Photoshop CS4 with an Intuos 2 large tablet. Reffed from a screencap I took from Season 2.

I really need to go back one day and repaint the whole series now that I know how to blend a little better. This one turned out really rough around the edges.

Love that piercing gaze. Locke definitely had a thousand-yard stare.

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