Rift Colossus

This was for a DeviantArt contest, the purpose of which was to envision a new colossus character for the game Rift. I admit I went in on this one a bit blind, knowing absolutely nothing about the game. You could choose from several different elements, including water, fire, life, death, earth, etc…I went with water. I dunno why. I just freaking love painting ocean scenes.

Anywho, this was my entry, a big kraken-like sea bitch full of scales, barnacles, breathing anemones, tentacles and sails from wrecked ships for a bra. There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to go back and fix, including the foreground elements including the broken architecture, but I got a little fed up with this one. I tried several new things, including a funky sky and some serious backlighting (which was supposed to be the thing’s Rift. I didn’t know they formed horizontally). Tried using a modified photo-texture on the cliffs, but they came out way too flat and uninteresting. I think the sense of scale came out okay, and I’m still pretty darn happy with the dynamism of the foreground character, but the overall composition is really way too vertically centered and static. I didn’t quite think it through beforehand. Just went in and started painting.

Still, flaws aside, it was a really fun piece to do, and I really enjoyed the competitive aspect of it. If I wasn’t so disgusted with the way DeviantArt runs their contests, I’d probably have a few more of these to show, but I’m done with them after the fiasco that was the Dark Shadows competition.

Hope you enjoy! Later I’ll have up a straight fanart portrait.

My cousin thought this was supposed to be Perseus vs. The Kraken

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