Older work forthcoming…

Well, I gave it some thought, and since I’m kinda busy working on my kids’ book and won’t have much time to post other things, I’m going to update the site with some older work that I still sort of like. I’m my own worst critic, and usually hate my work about .5 minutes after I call it “complete,” but I think these have held up somewhat okay.

I just don’t want this blog to fall into the cracks due to lack of updates, so this will give me a good excuse to write up some posts and show off some old artwork. I’ll try and get as detailed as I can with these.




3 thoughts on “Older work forthcoming…

  1. You should only put so much effort into the blog as your life allows you, sometimes life comes in the way and at those times it’s best to just let it take the time, but I’m glad to hear that you will try to keep it up and running, you are one very talented artist.

    1. I hear ya, thanks very much! I’m pretty much only working on this childrens’ book at the moment, and even though I’ve got a few pictures up from it, I don’t want to post the whole thing online before I finish. I just don’t want to let the blog languish until I get the book done, whenever that may be. Luckily I’ve got a few older pieces I can post just to keep things moving 🙂 Thanks again for the compliment! BTW, I absolutely LOVE your CV design. Very, very cool.

      1. I’m looking forward to see your how your book turns out! One of my passions is children’s books, so I really hope that you’ll be done soon. 🙂
        Thank you! I really like it too, I wish that employers liked it a little more too. 😛

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