Not QUITE dead yet!

Holy lack of updates Batman!!! I know all four of you are anxiously awaiting new content on this blog, and I am sorry – nay, ashamed – that I’ve been lax over the last few days. Truth is, I’ve been doing more work on my kids’ book, but unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to post it. I don’t really want to give the whole thing away, and it sucks because I’m rather enjoying the newer pieces. Thankfully I’ve got about 4 more to go, along with revisions. I already see some changes I’ll need to make to the earlier drawings.

I think I’m going to take a break from the children’s book soon. Been working on it for a month now with nothing else other than that stupid DeviantArt contest. I got some really good reference pics of my wife and kid yesterday on my wife’s new Mother’s Day camera, so I’m planning to do some portraits of them soon. This’ll be the first one of my wife in quite a few years, and the first one of my son since he turned three in February. Should be fun.

Hope everyone is having lovely days! I should have an update in the next few days (hopefully)!


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