Gonna be a cooooowboy, bayyyybay.

Just to show some activity, here’s a reeeeealllly rough work-in-progress. I’m working on a children’s book that I’ve had simmering in the back of my noggin for a few years. It’s not very long, but I’ve only recently gotten the copy to a place where I’m satisfied. So, I finally got rolling on the drawings. Three others are viewable in my Illustration portfolio. This will be the fourth one down, so I’ve only got like 12 more to go (aaaargh!!!). It’s proving to be even more fun than I’d hoped, though, so I really hope I can do something with this. If not, oh well, at least I buckled down and got it done. Who knows, big things can come of small beginnings.

Edit 5/1: Few more WIP shots…

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