How to Build a Website in a Day…

Oh my lord, I’m a tad tired.

I’ve been needing a website (other than a Blogger page) for quite some time now. Probably would’ve been nice if I’d taken my time and done a little more research, but hey, y’all know me. Thanks to my friend Rachael Davis at for bird-dogging WordPress for me. This is actually a cool little platform, and did exactly the job I needed, which was quite the nice surprise after fiddling with Blogger for the last year. I may even have to drop the cash and upgrade to Pro here. Considering I built this whole little site in under 8 hours, I’m pretty happy. Still some tweaking to do, but hell, I’m only human. Daddy needs sleepy.

Anyhow, let me be the first (hah, like there’d be anyone else!) to welcome you to That Summers Guy!

Just in case you didn’t know, that’s me. Hi, I’m Eric Summers. Nice ta’ meetcha.

I hope to keep this thing updated pretty regularly. Last year I averaged at least 1 post per week on my Blogger page, and I hope to surpass that by a large margin this year. I was focusing on illustration almost exclusively over there, but I intend to up the design quotient on this site.

So, in closing, let me thank you for taking your busy time to scout around my page and check out my work, and may long days and pleasant nights be ever yours!


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